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No matter how difficult, non-stop.
No matter how far, no rest.
Six Footstones
Striving and enterprising, self-discipline and collaboration, safety and environmental protection
Six Accomplishments
Diligent, proactive, sincere, hardworking, earnest, innocent
Six Purposes
Cherish employees, cherish products, standardize management, be concise and efficient, never let problems stay overnight
About Us
Baoji city is a land that has nurtured the bloodline of Yan Huang, witness thousands of years of evolution and progress. In March 2000, Shaanxi Rock New Materials Co., Ltd. was established. It is a high-tech enterprise with 26 national patents, and 30 industry standards. We have "Hazardous Waste Business License" which approved and issued by the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department. We are specialized in the research, development, production, and refine of precious metal catalysts. Striving hard to govern without changing our original intention, we successfully logged into the New Third Board in January 2014 and shoulder our mission and responsibility. The stock code is 430428.
No matter how difficult, non-stop. No matter how far, no rest. You could find the complete precious metal catalysis solution here and more than 300 products could give you a good choice based on high cost-effectiveness.

In March 2000,Shaanxi Rock New Materials Co., Ltd. Established

In 2014, listed on the New Third Board
Stock code:430428

Certified by ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System

More than 2000 users both domestically and internationally
  • Homogeneous PMC
  • Heterogeneous PMC
  • PMC Refining
  • Phosphine Ligand
  • PMC Adsorbent and Others
  • Chiral Catalysis
  • Company History
    Our Proud
    Pouring Infinite Energy and Power into the
    Development of National Industries
    01The first domestic heterogeneous catalyst gravity flow automatic production line was independently designed to completely solve the problem of air pollution and product fluctuation in the industry.
    02Advocate and practitioner of noble metal homogeneous catalysts for continuous inert gas protection in China, dedicated to rapid delivery and excellent quality.
    03Based on hazardous waste management license as well as the advanced bedroom pyrolysis system, we have established progressiveness in the field of precious metal recycling in China.

    Heterogeneous PMC

    Precious metal homogeneous catalyst

    Recycling of precious materials
    Rock Refining
    Shaanxi Rock---Trustworthy Refining
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